I thought I would like to share the reason why does Koreans like using metal chopsticks. Unlike other eastern Asians, Korean prefer using metal chopsticks than wooden ones. Why? There is a theory that the origins of the metal chopsticks are during the Baekje period, the royal family only used silver chopsticks to detect if there is poison in their food and the silver would usually change colour that will foil the enemies assassinations. Eventually, peasants eventually adopted this trait and start using metal chopsticks.

Why are the chopstick used are flat?

The metal chopsticks that the Koreans tend to use are flat as it is exactly like holding a fork or a spoon and this tends helps to hold the food better as it has a better grip.


But Metal is an excellent conductor of heat and Koreans have a lot of soup that are usually boiling hot though?

Koreans does not purely use chopsticks, they usually pair with other utensils such as the spoon. They will only use the chopsticks when they want to pick up meat and vegetables not for drinking soup. They also have an etiquette only to hold one utensil at a time, not having a spoon in one hand and chopsticks in the other. So, they would allow themselves to take their time eating their soup and they also be would add rice into the soup, and this will slightly cool down the soup making it easier to consume.

It’s also considered to be hygienic in comparison to wooden chopsticks, and you can just chuck them in the dishwasher. (Which I obviously do!)


What chopsticks do I use?

I used the metal chopsticks that I have ordered from Amazon – https://goo.gl/qxb8Py    They’re not flat but rounded as I feel much more comfortable on holding these than the flat ones. Let me know what chopsticks that you prefer. 

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