Lately, the Matcha Travelers have travelled a few places and a few people have asked how are we able to remember to go to so many places and not get stressed about it. Our trick when we don’t have a tour guide is that we use various of free websites and apps to help us plan to perfect holiday. We tend not to print anything for the trip, as we use our high-tech items – our phones and tablets. Here are some we are the ones we using:

Google (Search Engine)

Google Science Fair
Google Science Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Google is the most obvious choice, everyone will use Google to find inspiration, ideas and places where to go and this would be our main starting point and especially when you have bookmarked a page, this will sync to your mobile web browser; therefore you are able to open them on the go. We’ve done this throughout our time in Norway – navigating around finding food places!

Google Maps

English: Wordmark of Google Maps
English: Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What’s even great about Google Maps, when you have selected the location you want to navigate to and then switch off the internet. Google continues to track where you go. This helped us quite frequently especially when we needed to go somewhere else that but is kind of lost; we connect to the internet at a cafe or hotel and then switch off the mobile data, then move to the next location. You would need to log in with your gmail for the starred locations to be saved.

Google Trips

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Google have released this app in 2016 that helped us a lot. What’s so great about this app, it helped us find the starred locations that we have picked on the app. This also syncs the starred location if you have had starred on Google Maps. It also has features of syncing your reservations you have made online such as your hotels’ bookings, plane tickets and table reservations. We’ve used this with OpenTable, and Airbnb, and it works really well. Of course, Google will expect you to have a Gmail Account.



Travefy is a website that helps you to plan personalised holidays, destination wedding, stag dos, hen parties and much more. It has this amazing feature that if you were travelling in a group, you can split the payment and you are able to ask your friends to pay you back. It also has other features creating daily itineraries resulting you can plan for the whole day. After creating your ideal holiday’s itinerary, you can export this into a PDF to print or saved on your phone.

As they have split payments, the only thing that I found it a little difficult for me is that it only have costs in US dollars since I’m British, I sort of need it to be in British pounds – however, I have tried this app last year, so, therefore, they may have updated since then.



As it’s extremely useful for travelling around London, the app also has other countries that you can select. this can help you find your way around the city, they have an offline mode that you can star your journey on the app and you are still able to reach your destination.


Let us know which what tools and apps you guys use!

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