I had the privilege to have the chance to play the brand new console at the Nintendo Switch Demo at London Bridge before the big launch on the 3rd March. My friend Seth was kind enough to invite me to this event with him as he knew I was a major Zelda fan.

What did I think about the Nintendo Switch Console?

  • I like the console as it is lighter in comparison to the old Wii U since you have both Wii handheld screen hub and the console in your hand, making this portable and you can play the console anywhere.
  • The side controllers are light and comfortable to hold if you are playing a multiplayer game.
  • It has a dock that you need to slip into if you want to play through your connect to your TV, this also charges your console. It uses a USB Type C charger adapter.
  • The portable screen resolution is standard 720p an HD display.
  • If you find the little side controller’s too small to¬†hold, you can convert the baby controllers into a handheld controller using the joy-con grip, that is included in your box. (Very useful when you play Zelda, Splatoon, Mario Kart and other non-swinging¬†games).

Was there anything I was concerned?

  • The portable battery life is only 2 and an hour, and if you’re a gamer by heart and love mobile devices, this would not last you a whole trip.
  • Also, if you wanted to charge the Nintendo Switch via USB port in a car or your laptop while you are out, it would not work.
  • The sun reflects from the screen quite a bit, so it’ll be a little hard to play outside when’s the sun out.

Will I be getting one?
I love the console, and as I have tried out the other games at the event (Mainly multiplayer games) and one player game – Zelda, but I think I’ll hold out for a little longer. Why? I want to see more one player games, especially RPG (As they are my favourite type of games) to be released before I reconsider buying one. Especially when I can still play the brand new Zelda: Breath of the wind on the Wii U. Especially when the game is still cheaper for the Wii U than the Switch.

Also, I hope in the future that they could improve the battery life longer. I hope to and see what new one-player RPGs they will release.

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