There are ways that you need to know when you are having a Korean BBQ, and this article will help understand the do to and not to do things when you have a Korean BBQ. We thought about this idea when we have visited Superstar Korean Restaurant and thought that we should like to share it with everyone who is trying Korean BBQ for the first time!

Usually, when you are planning to have Korean BBQ, this is what you will expect when you had visited there for the first time. There will be a grill built in the table; if not they will provide a portable one. After you had ordered your food, the food will come raw (if you had ordered from the BBQ section). So, don’t be surprised if you see your meat and vegetables uncooked!

1# Lettuce?

Usually, you’ll have a plate of lettuce that you may think, should you grill the lettuce? No, you do not cook the lettuce; you usually after cooking the meat and use the leafy vegetable to hold the meat. Then it is best to eat the whole thing in one go; it will taste delicious.

Vegetables for Korean barbeque
Vegetables for Korean barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2# Meat or Vegetables?

You usually cook the vegetables first as they tend to take longer to cook and then meat after. You do not have wait to wait for the veggies to eat, feel free to eat the meat first.

Galbi (grilled rib), a Korean bbq
Galbi (grilled rib), a Korean bbq (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3# Different Cookings Tongs

Best to have two separate tongs for raw meat and cook. This would help avoid cross-contamination with the food.

4# Keeping the Cook and Uncooked Separate

Just to make sure that you won’t get food poisoning in the next day, it is recommended to cook the cooked meat and raw meat two different ends to ensure that they are not touching each other while the other meat is almost finish cooking.


5# Clothes

Korean BBQ is still a BBQ; this means that your clothes will smell after all the cooking. It is nice to wear something that you will do not mind getting smelly after cooking or if you are planning to go out after, just bring some Febreze. (jk!)


6# Eat while it’s hot!

The majority of the Asian countries, they expect you to eat it when it’s still hot. It may be a little culture shock for those who would usually wait for everyone to have their meal. There’s no need to wait for anyone just have it while it’s still hot.


Share if you know any Korean barbeque etiquette that I have missed out!

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