When we go on holiday, we always think of buying souvenirs to buy for friends, framily and a memento for our trip to a country. I had recently visited Vienna, the capital city of Austria for two days with my ten years anniversary with my best friend. I thought I would like to share some ideas that you can purchase at this amazing country without thinking about the typical souvenirs like as magnets, t-shirts, keyrings, mugs and much more.


If you or someone you know, who loves chocolate and cake, Sacher torte will be the one. It is a Viennese chocolate cake;, you can purchase this in the airport. It usually comes in a wooden box which will protect the cake and makes the gift look fancy!

Sacher Torte


A Mozartkugel is a small, round sugar confection made of pistachio marzipan, and nougat covered with dark chocolate. You can get this chocolate almost anywhere. The wrapper usually has a picture of Mozart – a famous classical musician born in Austria.


Demel’s Candied Violets

Demel is one of the most famous confectionery, bakery store in Vienna. In the past, their target audience is beautiful Viennese women, and by targeting them. They would create beautiful candy and baked goods. One of their popular sweets that were made are the Demel’s Candied Violets – these are purple flowers that have carefully conserved in sugar.

demel violets

Image from: wien.info

I’ve only stayed in this country for 2 days and I was not able to check everything there but if you know any awesome unique souvenirs, let me know!

  1. Ah, how come I missed Demel’s candied violets (and I stayed for more than a week) when last I was in Vienna? It’ll go on my eat-list for when I next pass through Vienna if it tastes good (i.e. more than just sweetness, with actual floral flavour). Did you try it?

    1. It tasted like pure sugar but it’s extremely interesting. You should definitely try it next time when you go Vienna!

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