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Going to Japan is a fun experience especially when it’s your first time. You’ll see many things that you haven’t seen before, and it can be a major culture shock for some. After we’ve already visited this remarkable country, we’ve thought we should share some tips on what you should know before going.

1# Learn Basic Japanese

Not many places in Japan understand English and knowing the basic Japanese would ideal especially when very cheap places food places would not have any English menu. Also if you are lost and need to find your way round, it is best to ask people in hotels and train stations; they majority will have someone who can at least know some English.

Preparing for my trip. I brought my basic Japanese ‘Berlitz Language: Japanese for Your Trip,’ it comes with a CD, so you can download the audio and save it on your phone or MP3.

2# No Need to Tip

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Japanese has this culture that they do not accept tips as they will find it offensive and you will find a lot of people that are willing to help you without expecting anything in return.

I had experienced this when I tried to look for the Studio Ghibli Museum and this lovely old lady who did not know a single of English tried to help us; it made me fall in love with the country.

3# Cash Only

A lot of places does not accept credit and debit cards. So, it is best to have some form of cash with you to spend. You can withdraw money from ATM at 7-11, Lawsons and many other places. Just ask one of the locals of where is the nearest ATM.

I have tried asking ‘Where is the nearest cash-point?’ They neither understand, so best to say ATM. (British grammar issues).

4# Ticket System in Food Places

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There are many food places likes Ramen to Gyudon establishments that have a different way to order food. Unlike in other places, there are some food places would require you to order food from the machine first; as there are no waitress or waiter to take the orders.

The machine is not a vending machine, but a ticket machine. You would have to pick what food that you would want then pay for it. A ticket will pop out, and you’ll have to hand it to the chef; then you would have to wait for the food.

As it may sound very anti-social but this is method is very convenience for those who cannot speak English.

5# High Tech Toilets

Bidet4me E-200A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer, White

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Japan is also known to be the most techie country from having robots to bum washing toilets. What you need to know about the toilets there, is that a lot of places have these that there will be a lot of buttons next to the toilet seat, from playing music, warming up toilet seats to flushing the toilet.

In case you don’t want to press the wrong buttons to check the how to use the Japanese Toilet Guide. Ensuring that you won’t get unpredictable bum splashing experience.



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