We both love travelling and trying out local foods, and sadly Noel couldn’t make it. I’ve recently visited Vienna for two days with a friend and I thought I’d share their local foods that you must try.


A filo pastry dessert filled with apple. It’s one of the traditional Viennese strudels and it is popular in Austria. This dessert was one of my favourite as what’s better than pastry.


Vienna is known for their schnitzel. They are usually made with pork but if you are unable to have any pork; you can also try other alternatives like turkey or chicken. The schnitzel thin cuts of meat allowing you to taste the crispy piece of meat. There are also different variety such as schnitzel stuffed ham and cheese stuff schnitzel, and Jaeger Schnitzel (Schnitzel with mushroom sauce).


I’m not only a matcha lover, but I also a coffee lover. Fortunately, that Vienna is famous for their love for coffee. Their coffee is incredibly strong and delicious, and it’s perfect to balance out the sweet desserts that you may have ordered.


As we all know that Vienna is close to Germany, and the country has adapted to many of their business this would be including their sausages.Vienna has also delicious variations of kasekreiner like ones with filled with small chunks of cheese making it taste heavenly. The idea of this will definitely make myself drool thinking.


Nothing’s better than cake especially when you have something bitter like coffee to a company with. You can try these cakes at Viennese coffee houses. They usually have a vastly different selection of cakes that you can choose from and they are definitely will be a best chose for those who has a sweet tooth.

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